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Sprouting Jar Lids

Sprouting Jar Lids

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Growing your own sprouts has never been easier with our GoodLife Mesh Sprout Lid.

  • 1 Lid  -  $12.95
  • Bundle & Save - 3 Lids  - $34.95

Our lids are designed to fit on our GoodLife Jars and will fit a range of other 86mm wide mouth glass jars (BALL, AGEE Special & Golden Harvest Jars).  Suited for growing a range of sprout seeds including the smaller seeds like Alfalfa.

The freestanding lid allows easy draining of water for growing sprouts in jars.  Simply add your favourite sprout seeds to the jar, fill with water and flip upside down leaving in the sink or on the bench to drain while you get about your day.   We recommend giving your sprouts a good rinse twice a day in water, and don’t be afraid to shake them around the jar to get air through.  Don’t overcrowd your jar they need room to grow. 

Product details:

  • ABS Stainless Steel Mesh and white BPA free plastic surround
  • Each box contains one sprouting lid
  • Reusable product
  • Size : Diameter 9cm – suitable for jar mouth size 8.6cm
  • Corrosion resistant, easy clean and reusable
  • Clean by hand or in dishwasher
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