about goodlife

We are a husband and wife team passionate about making a difference and doing our bit to empower people to live a ‘GoodLife’ through nutritional food practices.  Preserving, Bottling and Canning are life skills that once learnt will ensure you are the master of your own food destiny.

Our beautiful hand-picked range of GoodLife products are all tried, tested and put to use in our everyday life.  It is our intention to make all our range stylish, practical and affordable.  Our simple clean eco & minimalist packaging means you only get what you need.   

We are total foodies who love cooking, travelling to experience new cultures and cuisines, exploring the great outdoors and have a passion for getting creative in the kitchen. Our personal journey is one of understanding more about the food you eat and how to live more lightly.  Being mindful of ways to feed
yourself & family has never been more important, and storing produce for optimum quality and longevity is something we want to share with others. Growing sprouts, fermenting, bottling and canning home grown & store-bought produce, along with having a vegetable garden for sustainable healthy living is big part of our lives. 

If you are starting up a lifestyle block, beginning homesteading or simply wanting to maximise your urban garden or seasonal store bought items, then we can offer you the tools to make a start in preserving food. Join us in discovering how to store food and grow your own, as we share recipes and ideas for better living via our Facebook page and here on our shop page. 

We hope our products excite and inspire you, your family, and friends, to get back into the GoodLife.

 Grow ~ Preserve ~ Enjoy ! 

Leanne & Mike