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Infuser Jar Kit with Pour & Store Lid

Infuser Jar Kit with Pour & Store Lid

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The perfect products for making your own Cold Brew Coffee, Botanical Infused Teas, Gin & Vodka.

Our Infuser Jar Kit is so simple to use and comes with everything that you need to get creative and infuse a huge variety of fruits, spices, herbs, peels and more.  The fine mesh filter inside the jar is high grade stainless steel and holds everything separately so that you can then remove the tube at the end of the brewing and enjoy your drink without having to strain it and mess around. 

We also include an info sheet on ideas for brewing and a recipe for our favorite Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee to start you off.  Cold Brew Coffee is really lovely and you will find unlike hot coffee it is less acidic and not as bitter.

When it comes to pouring out your homemade creation simply remove your filter and screw on the Pour & Store Lid.  Flip cap allows you to easily pour straight from your jar and tag handle for grab and go.  Store the jar ready to use in the fridge.

Your Kit includes;

  • 1 Litre GoodLife Jar
  • GoodLife Pour & Store Lid
  • Stainless Fine Mesh Filter
  • Stainless Steel Jar Lid
  • Information/recipe sheet
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