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500ml Preserving Jars with dome & band

500ml Preserving Jars with dome & band

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500ml Glass Preserving Jars with Dome Seal and Band

  • 6 Jars - $35.95
  • Bundle & Save - 12 Jars $67.95        
  • Bundle & Save – 36 Jars $182.95

Our glass preserving jars are especially designed for all your bottling, preserving and canning needs.

GoodLife 500ml jars come complete with a 2 piece metal preserving dome seal and band. Lids supplied on and ready to go. Perfect for bottling and preserving all types of food from  fruit to vegetables and meat.  Our jars are suitable for all forms of cooking methods ~ overflow, water bath and pressure canning.  Canning has become extremely popular and GoodLife 500ml jars are the perfect jar for pressure canning all your ready meals, meat and vegetables in; you can double stack our 500ml jars in most 23quart canners.

Jars show measurements of cups, mls and ozs down the sides and have our signature fantail.  A very versatile size jar.

  • 86mm wide mouth mason jar
  • suited for bottling, preserving, water-bathing, oven canning & pressure canning
  • food safe glass designed to be kept and reused for years to come
  • a range of replacement lids available
  • jar size - 100mm (dia) x 110mm (h) / holds 500ml of liquid
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