mediterranean peppers


A very easy way to preserve peppers (capsicums) when they are in season and have on hand throughout the year.  Makes a colourful jar of versatile peppers that you can serve with a platter, cut and use on pizzas or mix in with salads or rice dishes.  A real statement in your pantry in our 500ml GoodLife jars.


Mix of large ripe Red and Yellow Peppers – don’t use green peppers as they are too bitter.

Salt, Pink or fancy salt is best

Dried Basil

Fresh Thyme sprigs

White Wine Vinegar (not to be confused with white vinegar)

Good quality Olive Oil that has a nice flavour


Char your peppers over an open flame to blister the skin then wash off the skin under cold water. (if you cook on gas this is easy to do over an element). Make sure all the skin is removed from the peppers.

Cut your peppers in half removing stalk, core and the seeds.

Pack them into clean sterilised jars, sprinkling each layer lightly with salt and dried basil.  Pop in a sprig of thyme so it looks pretty in the jar and pour over the white wine vinegar to cover the peppers.  Top the mix with a layer of your olive oil, leaving a gap between the ingredients and the lid.  Screw on the lid tightly.

GoodLife 500ml Jars are the perfect companion to this recipe.

Store your lovely jars of coloured peppers in a dark cool place and use within 6-8months.

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