Welcome to the world of fermenting ~ a different way of preserving foods.  Fermenting vegetables is one of the simplest things to do and is good for your gut with no cooking required.

 Airlock Lid ~ a simple gadget which costs next to nothing and makes your feel like a pro.  Pop it on the top of your mason jar (the GoodLife Fermenting Jar Kit is a great choice) and it allows gases to escape and prevents buildup of excess pressure in your jar.  At the same time it keeps air, oxygen and foreign objects out.

For all lacto-fermentation in jars, carbon dioxide must be allowed to escape from the jar (especially in the first 2 days) and air must be kept out.  Oxygen is the enemy as it causes browning and allows mold to grow.

 Weights ~ a tool to keep food submerged during the fermenting process.  If you don’t have one you can improvise and fold over cabbage leaves or use a small stone in its place.

 Our kits come with an information sheet and simple Sauerkraut recipe, your airlock lid and metal band, glass reusable jar and the option of a glass weight.

 Grab yours today and make a start – explore recipes like Kimchi (see our version), try Honey infused Garlic or simple fermented vegetables.




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